mAadhaar App Coming Soon for iOS Users

Its a good news for the iOS users. Finally, the mAadhaar app for iOS users has been announced to launch soon. This will now further increase the use of the app as it increases the support baseline. It will come in handy for checking in into hotels, at the entrance of the airports and also to get into other regions with tight security measures.

maadhar ios app

mAadhaar App for iOS Users

Its been more than six months since the mAadhaar app was launched for the android users. It has been easier to keep this app and not worry about the actual physical Aadhaar card. But finally, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has announced to launch the app for iOS users (iPhone) soon. Apple device owners can now enjoy the hassle-free aadhaar card experience, rather than carrying the physical card itself.

UIDAI’s CEO, Mr Ajay Bhushan Pandey, made this official announcement on a session of twitter with citizens. However, he did reveal the specific date of the launch so when the app really becomes available for Apple users is really a mystery for now.

Many may be unknown of how the app works. Its a fairly low size consuming app which acts as a repository to the owner’s real aadhaar card. It will contain the same name, gender, date of birth, address, etc as seen on the official aadhaar card of the user. In fact, the same picture available on the physical aadhaar card will be available here.

mAadhaar app was released by our government and actually has a lot of helpful uses. It firstly allows a user to download his aadhaar information. These uses include biometric locking/unlocking, QR code sharing, One-time password generation and also eKYC verification. Also, there is some news about the addition of facial recognition along with the mandatory biometric verifications. This new news is actually a result of the recent data breach or leak from the UIDAI itself.

Just like many other cards issued by the government for various reasons, Aadhaar card is also prone to have some errors in name, gender or anything like that. But the mAadhaar app will allow the users to correct the errors in their Aadhaar profiles directly from the app.

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