How to Get a Blue Coloured ‘Baal Aadhar’ Card for a Child

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched a new blue coloured Aadhar called Baal Aadhar Card. This card is for children aged below five years. In this article, we will discuss on “how you can apply for Baal Aadhar card online for your child”, what are the required documents and more.

baal aadhar

Baal Aadhar Card

A child below 5 years of age can get a blue coloured Aadhar known as Baal Aadhar.

No biometric information like fingerprints and iris scan is required for the children below 5 years of age

When the child crosses 5 years of age, a mandatory biometric update is required

Again at the age of 15 years, a mandatory biometric update is required

This mandatory biometric update for children is FREE.

Required Documents for Baal Aadhar

You must have the child’s birth certificate

You can use your child’s school ID (Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution) for his/ her Aadhar enrolment.

The Aadhar card number of one of the parents is required

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How to Apply For Baal Aadhar Card for a child?

1. You have to visit the Aadhar enrolment centre with required documents

2. Now fill the enrolment form available on the center.

3. For the authentication purpose, One of the parents has to provide Aadhar card number.

4. Your Child’s ‘Aadhar’ will be linked to the UID of his/her parents.

5. Now, you need to provide a mobile number which you want to link with the blue coloured card.

6. Photo of the child will be taken at the center.

7. No biometrics will be recorded for children below the age of 5

8. After the confirmation, now collect acknowledgements slip.

9. After successful verification, an SMS will be sent to the linked mobile number.

10. Within 60 days your child’s blue coloured ‘Baal Aadhar’ card will be issued.

Note: Aadhar becomes invalid if the child’s biometrics are not updated to his/ her Aadhar after the age of 5 years.

So guys now share this articles with all the parents and help them to get an aadhar for their children. Keep visiting mAadhaar.

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